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When a family member or friend dies, there are many questions that need answering, and many decisions that must be reached at a very difficult time. With over 35 years of experience, Barry M. Benson, Esq. can assist you in all phases of the administration of a decedent’s estate from probate of the Will, or commencement of an intestate administration (if there is no Will), to preparation and filing of the various estate and/or inheritance tax returns, to the distribution of the estate assets to the beneficiaries and wrap up of the estate administration. Whether property passes outright or to Trusts created under the Will, or to Trusts created outside the Will, Barry can assist you in settling the estate, and in making important tax decisions. If there are legal disputes that arise between the estate and the beneficiaries, Barry can represent you, and help resolve the problems, whether you are a fiduciary or whether you are the aggrieved beneficiary.
So too if a trust has been created, whether testamentary (under a Will) or inter vivos (by a separate trust agreement), Barry can assist you in all phases of the administration of the trust, and represent you in connection with advocating on your behalf, whether as a fiduciary or as a beneficiary, should an issue arise.

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In connection with the administration of an estate, Barry can help you:

  1. Probate the Will;
  2. Deal with Claimants;
  3. Prepare Inheritance and Estate Tax returns;
  4. Prepare fiduciary income tax returns;
  5. Settle the estate and effectuate distribution of assets to beneficiaries; and
  6. Help resolve disputes.

Please contact us to schedule an initial meeting to discuss the administration of an estate or Trust.  Day, evening and weekend appointments are available.


Simplify the estate administration process

Reach out to Barry M Benson, Esq. today if you need estate administration services in the Belle Mead, New Jersey area. Attorney Benson will:

  • Meet with you one-on-one to discuss your situation
  • Review the terms of your loved one's will
  • Work hard to minimize court involvement
  • Ensure that all assets are distributed correctly
  • Prepare necessary federal and state tax returns
Attorney Benson also assists with estate litigation, which means he can help if someone disputes the will or trust in question. Call his office in Belle Mead, Elizabeth, & Cranford, NJ now to speak with an estate litigation attorney.